give me a man with the personality combo of matthew grey gubler and chris pratt combined with the body of chris evans and the tattoos of tom hardy this is all i want

scarryll replied to your post: can we have a chat about tom hardy

he’s so short tho

i have a headcanon that he’s really 6’3 because im an asshole

i sent sarah a gregorian monk chanting video and said ‘this is how i feel about chris pratt’

she responded with a 10 hour long video of a goat screaming and said ‘this is how you feel about chris evans’

thats goddamn right

thats goddamn right

google tom hardy shirtless

get back to me


There’s always gonna be that one person that you can’t get out of your mind no matter how hard you try.

shit i am getting so much overtime this week and i dont fucking want any



Photo by:A.S Nagpal

"Paint War Engagement Session"

oh my fucking god i can’t even take how cute this is

Your father and I worked more closely than you know … but now he is gone. The question is, can I trust his daughters to serve me in his place?


Jaime Lannister asks the real questions 


Jaime Lannister asks the real questions